Choosing your car

One of the biggest choices you will have to make when becoming a driving instructor involves the car! There are so many decisions to be made petrol versus diesel, large car versus small car, image versus practicality and most importantly buying versus leasing. The car is your office, your place of work, and you will be spending most of your working day in it and so of paramount importance is comfort. Choose a car that suits yourself in terms of size, air conditioning is essential for those hot Summer days, and for fuel efficiency diesel is a better option if available.

The big question then centres around buying or leasing a car, and the answer is not straight forward. If you need a car regardless of what happens with your qualification process, then buying a car may be the solution for you. Buying a car is certainly the cheapest option longer term and after your finance term has ended you will at least have something to trade in towards your next vehicle. With so many deals at car dealerships you can really get something good so shop around.

For those instructors that wish to change their car frequently, and also trainee instructors who wish to try before they buy, car leasing is the best option to take. Car leasing can be done over various terms 7 months, 12 months, 18 months and can also be arranged over a rolling flexible contract. Car leasing options include everything from dual controls to servicing and replacement parts, even instructor insurance and break down cover can be included. Therefore, car leasing can be one less worry when getting started in this business.

At Ignition Driving School we do not restrict you to a certain make or model of car as this is an important decision and a personal one.

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