Choosing the right franchise is bewildering and is the most important step in building your business. We feel we understand the industry with years of expertise, but don´t just take our word for it. Here is what our franchisees have to say:

Choosing the right franchise is bewildering and is the most important step in building your business. We feel we understand the industry with years of expertise, but don´t just our word for it. Here is what our current instructors have to say:

Paul Gowlett:

Since joining Ignition in January 2006, I’ve always had enough pupils to fill my diary. When a few pupils have passed, a quick text to Kelly always results in new pupils, usually very quickly indeed. In fact, there have been times when Kelly has sent me pupils and I’ve been unable to take them!

I would certainly recommend Ignition to any PDI or ADI looking for the security of a franchise at a very competitive fee. With my own recommendations I have two sources of new pupils, the result of which is always a full diary!

Colin Brown:

I have been with Ignition Driving School for a number of years with total satisfaction. Kelly Brindley is a very professional person with a pleasing personality. The driving school is professionally organised and Kelly is a delight to work with. When I need students they are provided very quickly. I would have no problem in recommending Ignition and Kelly to any driving instructors.

Milly Dixon:

I’ve been with Ignition Driving School since March 2015 and can honestly say it was the best decision I made in choosing a franchise.

Kelly is always friendly and is just a phone call away for help or advice. The stationery provided to help promote the business and the professional and easy to use website are 2nd to none.

I’ve been with previous driving schools, who promise the earth and deliver nothing. With Ignition Driving School I get a continual supply of pupils who more than keep my diary full. Also due to the excellent promotion of individual instructors the pupils are always local.

If any instructor was considering joining a franchise, Ignition Driving School would be the only one I could recommend. You’ll be glad you did.

Andy Pendlebury:

When I was looking to change franchise I phoned about 8 companies including all the top ones. Kelly at Ignition was the only one to answer the phone and answer my questions. I was with a company that gave ridiculously cheap starter lessons. I wasn’t earning my full potential and Kelly knew all about “offer hoppers”. Kelly was true to her word and quickly filled my diary. I always ask pupils why they chose us. Previously it was because I was the cheapest or came up first on Google. Now they say Kelly answered the phone quickly and sounded trustworthy. I was getting disillusioned and fed up with cancellations and a half full diary or pupils paying starter prices. It couldn’t be more different now.

Steve Perry:

Before and since joining Ignition I have found both Kelly very helpful, prepared to give good advice and creating a very enjoyable team spirit.
The process of becoming a franchise holder was straightforward and no fees were charged until a sufficient amount of pupils were in place making the move from employed to self employed that much easier.
The supply of pupils have been such that after consultation with myself another instructor was taken on in my area to both meet the demand and still maintain a regular supply of pupils for myself.
I would recommend Ignition both to established and prospective driving instructors.They are forward looking, knowledgeable and very friendly.

Shaun Garner:

Since teaming up with Ignition Driving School I’ve been very happy with the rate of new pupils I’ve received. Work has been continuous and specifically in the area I’ve chosen to work in. Kelly clearly runs a very well organised and competitive franchise, which serves its instructors very well. She is also a very helpful and caring person to work with, who maintains very good communication with her franchisees.

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